The Voice of Farmers at the Monsanto Tribunal


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The Monsanto Tribunal is a fake trial organized and funded by the Organic Consumers Association (who donated 200,000 USD to pay the speaking fees for organic industry lobbyists like Vandana Shiva). The point of their expensive stunt is to increase the rage against agri-technology and undermine the public trust in conventional farming.

Since the activists attending do not speak on behalf of the millions of farmers and hundreds of millions of smallholders who rely every day on agri-tech to feed a growing global population, The Risk-Monger and March Against Myths NL decided to give the farmers a voice in The Hague during the fake Monsanto witch-hunt event. We are hoping the media attending will keep an open mind and consider the challenges farmers face every day and the value and safety that research and technology bring to global food security.

The event will be held at the Globe Conference Centre just near the location where activists like Shiva, Cummins, Leu, Portier and Seralini will launch their attacks against farmers at the their little People’s Assembly. We plan to hold our breakfast event on the morning of October 14, from 9 until 10:30 so that the media have enough time to cross The Hague’s train station to go to the launch of the Organic Consumers Association’s show-trial at 11.

We will publish the schedule with the farmers who will be speaking shortly.

We believe that most people do not support these activists (who have declared their interest in making conventional farming unprofitable) but understand that the majority would prefer to ignore this little stunt. However, farmers have a right to express their views and try to restore some reason and common sense to the debate on food security. We invite the anti-Monsanto activists to come and respectfully listen to farmers and keep an open mind. The Risk-Monger is even offering them a free breakfast where they can do a taste-test of both organic and conventionally farmed foods.

You can register by going to this page and requesting an invitation (I will then manually invite you). Sorry for the inconvenience, but there have been cases of trolls mass-registering to block events. Please understand that space is quite limited so priority will be given to journalists, farmers and gurus with open minds. If you know of journalists who will be in The Hague, could you kindly inform them.

I would like to ask you to help me with this event. As I am putting up my own money to rent the meeting room and fund the farmers’ travel expenses, I would appreciate if you could help with a small crowd-funding donation. Note this is the first time in more than six years as The Risk-Monger that I have ever asked for support or outside funding! Your donations will help shut up the activists who like to argue that the only opposition to their narrow little ideas comes from big industry!

Please donate to give farmers
a voice at the Monsanto Tribunal!

Donors will receive a fully transparent break-down of the event’s expenses as well as a signed selfie that the Risk-Monger hopes to take of himself with Vandana Shiva (a certain-to-be collectors item!!!)

Lastly, and very importantly, I would like farmers to send a message via the form below where they can express why they feel agri-tech is important to their ability to deliver safe, reliable harvests for the world. While in The Hague, I promise I will print up your messages and deliver them personally to Ronnie Cummins, the head of the Organic Consumers Association and Sugar Daddy to this dreadful stunt. (Please keep your comments reasonably civil as I would also like to publish them – anonymously – on the Risk-Monger site.)

Wish us luck in The Hague, or better yet, please join us.

The Risk-Monger and MAMyths-NL





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