The Risk-Monger writes on many different issues related to the public perception of environmental-health risks, the public understanding of science, research and policy, lobbying within emerging communications tools and NGO activism. He started publishing a blog at EurActiv in 2010 and migrated to this site in April, 2016. The 177 blogs that he had written at BlogActiv are being sorted into the following themes:


“SlimeGate” Series

“Risk-School” Series

“How to Deal with Stupid” Series

“Evolutions in Trust” and “Insignificant” Trilogies

The Precautionary Principle

Science and Policy

Organic Lobbying and Agricultural issues

Food, Health and Lifestyle Issues

Chemical issues

Climate issues

NGOs, Transparency and the Ethics of Lobbying

Industry misbehaviour

Untelligence Trilogy

About the image: Witch-hunt. This was drawn for me by a cartoonist who was animating a European Commission workshop after I criticised the organisers for not inviting any representatives from industry among the 100 academic and NGO participants. I stated that being an industry scientist in Brussels is like being a witch in Salem, Massachusetts.