Organic Lobbying and Agricultural Issues

We find today that farming has become an “us v them” political issue. It seems like either you are an organic farmer and you love the earth, your consumers and your produce or you are a conventional, industrial and factory farmer who loves profits, chemicals and poisoning the public. The Risk-Monger disagrees with this “bipolar” thinking and feels that the green politicians and the organic food industry lobby who are making these claims are behaving without any ethical code of conduct.

Many of the blogs linked from these sub-pages look at how the organic lobby have tried to portray conventional farming negatively, where they have behaved badly or where I try to offer alternatives. Growing up on a farm, I had never thought of someone battling nature to save a harvest or trying to utilise the best technologies to deliver a good yield as a bad person. This is simply what farmers do.

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Photo credit: The Risk-Monger. Picture taken around the mid 1970s (judging by the hair styles) with a 13-14 year old me (David Zaruk) on the left next to my older brother in one of our barns on my childhood mixed fruit and vegetable farm and market in Jordan Station, Ontario, Canada.