A “UN Agency” Blames Industry for COVID-19 … Hmm!

IPBES (the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services) has just released a paper blaming man (industry, agriculture and forestry in particular) for the COVID-19 coronavirus. This cultist tirade puts the (estranged) UN agency in the company of Vandana Shiva and Greenpeace in the category of radical alarmism.

As the Risk-Monger is busy grading papers and has no time to seriously engage in such ridiculous cult idealism, he decided to consider this IPBES publication like any other paper submission from a first year student. Sadly it did not measure up at all to any level of scientific standards. IPBES, once again, has received a failing grade.

Please see Professor Zaruk’s grade and comments below.

Image source: twitter

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